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How to organize your Secret Santa?

The principle is as simple as a traditional hat draw. There are 4 main steps:

Step 1: Organization of the event
Create your draw and define:
Date of the event,
Game rules (e.g. gift format, theme, price, hand-made, etc)
Number of gifts per participant (from 1 to 5)
Draw mode selection (A, B or C)
The list of participants or simply share a registration link on social networks to allow everyone to register independently
Exclusion rules between participants (Note: the definitions are made after the creation of the draw via the "Manage exclusions between participants" section)

Step 2: Drawing lots
Is everything set? Are the participants registered? Confirm the launch of the draw! Then everyone receives an invitation via e-mail giving them access to their personal space and allowing them to launch the draw, exchange anonymous messages, write their letter to Santa Claus or even find gift ideas.
As an organizer, you can check at any time that everyone has been able to launch their draw and if necessary correct the emails and send back the invitation emails (without having access to the results)

Step 3: Looking for gifts
Participant write the Santa Letter, search for gifts and exchange messages together.

Step 4: Gift exchange
The big day arrives and you can exchange your gifts!
If you have opted for modes A - Anonymous gift-giver or C - The giver's identity is revealed only when the gift is presented, you can now reveal the draw results.

Updated on: 30/08/2020

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